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Plastic Gland PGS3


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A range of hazardous area cable glands with flat cable seals type PGS1, PGS3 and PGS5, used for the entry of flat profile heating cables into cabinets boxes, or other enclosures, which are fabricated in the type of protection Increased Safety “e”.

Example of Applications

Specifically designed for use with Heat
Trace Ltd’s range of heating cables.


Minimum Operating Temperature -65°C

PGS3 is a hazardous area approved cable gland with a flat seal for use with flat profile heating cables. Cable glands can be used for entering cabinet boxes or enclosures.

PGS3 has an M20 x 1.5 thread and the seal is made from chloroprene.

PGS3 is designed specifically for the Heat Trace range of heating cables and is part of a standard termination system. There are 3 plastic cable gland sizes and each gland is specific to a range of cable sizes. See below:

Heating Cables applicable to PGS3

Freezstop Regular FSR-C, FSR-CT and FSR-CF
Freezstop Extra FSE-C, FSE-CT and FSE-CF
Freezstop Low Voltage wide FLVw-C, FLVw-CT and FLVw-CF
FailSafe Super FSS-C, and FSS-CF
FailSafe Ultimo FSU-N and FSU-NF
G-Trace GT

Constant Wattage:
Microtracer EMTS-CF
Microtracer MTF-CF
PowerHeat PHT-NF
Powerheat AHT