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Commercial Ambient Sensing Thermostat (CMAT)


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Example of Applications

Non-Hazardous (indoor and outdoor)


Compact Size, High accuracy, High ambient temperature range, Precise temperature setting, CE marked

Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Voltage 250V AC (Max.)
Temperature Control Range 0-40°C

Heat trace provides commercial range of ambient sensing thermostats that are suitable for Non-Hazardous locations. These are manufactured from Polycarbonate and can be installed even under harsh ambient conditions.

These boxes may be used for direct online termination for power cable and heat tracing cable. Also, a local control through inbuilt thermostat saves lot of control cable and also improves response time. Up to two heat tracing cables and a single power cable can be terminated directly to this commercial thermostat with maximum load of 20Amps.

This thermostat is normally attached in a shaded area of a building, but if it is required to be attached to a pipe, you will need a PB/S support bracketas well as 2 x PFS fixing straps.